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business continuity

We provide family business continuity services so your family business can face the future with confidence.

We work with your family business to define your vision and purpose for the next 50 to 100 years, identify the family's desired "future legacy", define governance for both the family and business, establish family and business policies, and create a 5- or 10-year strategic plan aligned with the vision of the business.

Providing the services your family office needs to best thrive and succeed for years to come.

Family office setup with a business plan;
strategic planning with your team to create a 5- or 10-year plan aligned with family's vision and goals;
best practice review of existing family office with feedback on how you compare to other family offices along with suggestions.

If you find yourself in a situation like the ones below, reach out to us and let's talk about options.

office advisory

Family Office Embedded in Family Business?

Family business staff have increasingly taken on personal (mostly financial) tasks for family members, and the family wants to expand those services to next generation or perhaps to owners not working in the business. However, family offices are complex: what services should be offered, to which generation or family members, what is in-sourced vs. outsourced, does it remain embedded in the business or separated, and how will it be funded?

Single- or Multi-Family Office?

We've had a liquidity event and our friends are telling us we should form a family office. Our investment advisor says we can use their multi-family office. There are a lot of options; how do we decide which one is best for our family?

Growing into a Family Office

Our business is probably not large enough to justify a family office yet, but we expect to be there in the next few years. Are there services we can begin to offer today that can grow into a family office as the business and wealth continues to expand? Let's create a business plan, including triggers for how and when to expand the office.

Best Practices for Our Family Office?

We've had a family office for several years and are very private. As a result, we don't always know what other family offices are doing. Is our office too small or too large? Do we have the right controls in place? Are there services we should out-source? Are we using the right technology?